Content is king for a reason. It shows off your expertise. It builds trust between you and your target market. It displays authenticity and personality. It helps you rank in SEO, meaning a better showing in search results. Content can do a lot for your business. That’s becoming common knowledge. But while most digital-savvy folks (whether entrepreneurs, business owners, or marketing specialists) don’t need to be convinced of the power of content, we do sometimes need help coming up with inspiration for what to post.

So, how do you come up with a topic to post about when your tank of ideas has run dry? We’ve put together a few simple methods for social post inspiration so you can make the most of your downtime and give answers to the questions your target audience is asking.

Let Google auto-complete your searches

Find out what people are searching for and the questions they’re asking the Google machine. Try different ways you’d begin a question and take note of what Google fills the rest of your query in with as you type in each further letter and space.
Note: make sure you clear your search history or the results may be biased to cater to what you’ve looked for in the past.

Get inspiration from blogs and thought leaders you love

Get inspiration from what’s turning up from the influencers you already follow and put your two cents in by writing a blog post about it. Just make sure you don’t plagiarize, and give credit where credit is due. Use feed readers like Feedly for inspiration or follow topics on Google Alerts.

Take to Social Media

What are people raising questions about on social media that pertain to your expertise? Answer them in a way that’s helpful for your audience.

Use your own learning journey

Even when you’re supposed to be an expert on a topic, the world of technology is changing faster than any one person can keep up with, and we all have moments when we have to take to researching a ‘how to’ to solve a problem for a client. If you’re doing the research, someone else probably is, too. Why not add value and share your findings to help out your compatriots? You’ll build goodwill for your information generosity.

Look at your project management tool

What problems has your team solved for clients in the last day, week, or month? What issues have you encountered internally? What items have resulted in long threads of clarifying communication, and how could that have been avoided? Blog about how you resolved those issues, whether they’re solving a technical problem or handling office politics, your learning experience is ripe with knowledge that will help your followers do a better job doing their job and living life.

Browse recently released and best-selling category books

Look on Amazon, New York Times book charts, and audible for recently released or best-sellers in your functional category/area of expertise. Read reviews and find out what readers loved, what they want to be clarified, and what they are hungry to read more about. Extrapolate on individual ideas covered in the book, give a book review, or expand on what readers have an appetite for.

Search “How to Come up with Blog Post Ideas”

You’re not the first person to get writer’s block, and there are plenty of resources out there to help get you unstuck.

Hopefully, this serves as a helpful resource for you the next time you’re experiencing a mental block for what to post on your blog or social media. We know it helps us! Full disclosure: we do actually use this guide when we’re feeling stuck.

Got any other great tips for coming up with blog post or social media post inspiration? Let us know in the comments!