What is CRM and do I need one?

Can't see the forest for the trees? Then you need a CRM. It stands for Client Relationship Management, but what it means is improved efficiency, automation, forecasting and collaboration. Critical for acquiring and retaining customers, especially in the retail sector. The numbers don’t lie, and the case for CRM benefits is best illustrated with numbers.

It’s a gateway to higher sales, better data management and actionable, high level customer intelligence and a panacea for painpoints (bad reporting, data in multiple places, poor customer tracking, etc).

This list of reasons why a CRM is a powerful business tool is long, so we boiled it down to the three “C”s we think are most compelling. (If you’d like a longer list of reasons, we like the articles found here, here or here.

  1. Customer Centricity. Whether you’re a big or small business, customer is king, and a well designed CRM keeps them in the throne. You can manage contacts, interactions, scheduling, satisfaction polls and sales data in one hub. Your sales/marketing team is right, it is a game changer. Each customer is connected to an account which is connected to sales records which is connected to marketing efforts, relevant communication and leads and opportunities.

  2. Collaboration. Operationally, a CRM joins teams which may have communication or data sharing gaps, and it equalized them with the same information in real time, so everyone can work forward together with the most current and robust data. Keep all your teams in one place and talking to each other.

  3. Centralization. And not just for your people, but other products which feed your operations. A well designed CRM will be pair well with your ecommerce platform, social media collaboration =tools, webforms, contracts and more to create lasting efficiencies and increase automation (read: save time! time=money) across multiple segments of your brand and business.

When it’s down to saving you time and money, a CRM can also make you time (increased automation, data collection, contact management) and make you money (better lead generation and forecasting).

How can we help?

That’s actually a fourth 'C:' Conversation. It starts with a casual conversation about your business workflows. What works, what doesn’t, where you are, and most importantly, where you want to go. We can help you select, design, test, brand, implement, troubleshoot and future proof your CRM, so it’s ready to help you grow from day one. We can suggest integrations, build them, test them, and change them as your vendors or platforms change, and be a resource for your teams and company as you leverage your newfound investment. Onward and upward, together.

The odds are, if you’re reading this, you needed a CRM yesterday.