Julie, Ami, and Greg dream big. They work in the film industry, bringing stories to life. When it came time to fulfill their dream of opening a restaurant, the three had no problem bringing their story to life in the physical space.

In person, the Chow restaurant vividly tells the story of their bike trip across Southeast Asia through an immersive set design and a menu designed by one of the most acclaimed chefs in Minneapolis.

Code of the North was tasked with telling Chow’s story digitally, giving website visitors the same immersive experience they could expect as customers in the restaurant: Instagrammable food, a vibrant adventurous atmosphere, and quick service that fits a busy lifestyle.

Branding. Define and design the restaurant as a brand.

A restaurant website should help the visitors imagine what it would be like to visit the restaurant. To sit in the seats and look out the window, to have fragrant, bright, vibrant dishes placed on the table next to a hand-crafted cocktail and good company. The team at Chow wanted their digital presence to communicate the buzz and excitement of an Asian street market, bright and full of life, adventure, and culinary surprises.

Website Design. Bring the dining experience to life online.

This motif of the SE Asian street market comes through in the bright colors, vibrant images, and approachable, friendly icons. The website communicates Chow's persona, clean yet lively, a modern interpretation of the exotic and approachable experience Julie, Ami, and Greg had in Southeast Asia.

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The layout makes it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for: Who is the talent behind Chow? What can I eat there? Where else can I eat it? What if I have more questions?

Better yet, the site is built in a way that allows for easy expansion. When Chow wants to add online ordering, the integration is seamless. When menu items change, it’s an easy edit.

There’s nothing worse than a customer coming in, expecting a specific meal or special, only to find out it’s not offered anymore. The Chow site is nimble—an essential feature for making sure the menu and details can be easily updated.

Online Ordering. Bringing the food to the people, when and where they want it most.

One of the core services Chow wanted to offer is easy online ordering, delivered by bicycle (remind you of a certain trip across Asia the restaurant was inspired by?). Our dev wizards built out a beautiful, responsive ordering platform, complete with stunning photos of every single dish Chow has available for takeaway.

The team went above and beyond to make sure it worked for the restaurant’s kitchen by hashing out essential details with chef Krattenmaker and owner Greg, like ticket timing and order flow regulation. Now, when a customer places an order five hours ahead of time, the kitchen doesn’t have to keep track of the ticket—it will print just as the food needs to start getting prepared.

The online system is custom-set to queue orders based on the kitchen’s current workload, automatically adjusting expected wait times to reflect actual wait times.

The extras. Odds and ends that people managing restaurants just don’t have time for.

Window vinyls. Branded takeaway bags. Grand opening banners. Print menu layout. Chalkboard menu layout. The days preceding a restaurant opening are hectic, exciting, and require all hands on deck. This is our favorite part because we get to flex our muscles on contributing all the odds and ends that restaurant owners still need executed.

From nitty-gritty details and process pain points to bold, attention-grabbing signage that fits the brand image, we got to do a little bit of everything to help Chow launch smoothly. And it was a blast.

Since the opening, Chow has been featured in City Pages, Eater Twin Cities, Star Tribune, Heavy Table, and many more publications. Head over to 116 North 1st Ave to find out what all the buzz is about and try some seriously delicious, inspired Asian street food.