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Gabe Masiulis

Front-end Developer

Gabe grew up likely to be eaten by a grue. He dabbled in HTML and CSS in the early days of the web, and tediously programmed some games into his graphing calculator. In the present day, he enjoys simple, leightweight solutions to complicated problems.

He leverages his knowledge of the latest CSS3 rules that are in wide support, low resouce-intensive javascript, and clean html semantics in order to build lean, clean, and fast websites. He also has extensive experience in Netsuite administration and search analytics. His favorite languages are Python, Javascript, CSS (powered by bourbon SASS), and PHP.

In his free time he brews beer, tries to keep his cat off of his board games, rows, and rides bicycles.

Ken Tyborski


Ken got into computers when his family decided to buy an old computer store and sell the remaining inventory. Since his days playing Gorillas in QBasic and exploring King's Quest, he’s graduated to a top notch IT wizard and full stack developer.

While at Northern Brewer, Ken kept the IT infrastructure running and learned the trade of Netsuite customization and administration. With extensive experience using python, php, javascript, HTML, serving as a MySQL and PostgreSQL DBA he brings a clear head to any problem.

In his free time he enjoys tinkering with electronics with his kids, studying the latest in web technology, and digging in the garden.